7 Key Facts about Flight PET and RPET

  1. 20,000 tonnes of virgin PET is imported into NZ each year
  2. Around 8000 tonnes of PET bottles are recycled each year and these are mostly bottles
  3. The Flight was plant has the capacity to process around 6000 tonnes of PET per year – more than 200 million average drink bottles. That’ s 100% of all the clear PET collected for recycling, and has additional capacity as Kiwi recycle more PET packaging
  4. Flights RPET plant was a $14m investment and Flight was delighted to secure a significant grant from the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund.
  5. The same tonne of RPET already recycled once can be recycled again, back around the loop, over and over – each time saving yet another tonne f and another tonne of virgin material and all the international freight costs. The Circular Economy in action!
  6. Flights RPET plant was officially opened on August 2nd by New Zealand’s Minister for the Environment Dr Nick Smith.
  7. 77% of NZ says they want to buy products in packaging that contain recycled materials.

Most offshore RPET pants are standalone businesses, taking waste material from kerbside collection and plastics manufacturers. These are  frequently uneconomic to operate. By removing this middle man and integrating the recycling plant into our own PET packaging plant we have created a long term sustainable commercial operation that makes recycling integral to our business.

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