New Zealand Recycled Plastic | Flight Plastics leads the way on recycling PET, opening a brand new integrated PET recycling plant in 2017.

PET is the most used packaging material in the world today, and now Flight offers its customers a range of high quality food safe, rigid plastic containers made from recycled PET (RPET).

The recycled PET content in Flight’s RPET products is no less than 30%, and up to 88%. During Flight’s production process the RPET material has a thin layer of brand-new virgin PET applied to each side, ensuring there are no food-safety compromises for our customers and consumers.

We believe the most sustainable solution for waste PET packaging is to recycle and re-use it locally.

The opening of Flight’s fully integrated PET recycling plant at our Wellington site means:

  • Flight customers in New Zealand and Australia can source eco-friendly RPET trays and containers made completely in-house by Flight.
  • RPET containers may themselves be recycled again and again.
  • Each tonne of waste PET Flight recycles is a tonne of material diverted from the waste stream, and simultaneously a tonne of new material is no longer required to be imported.
  • Flight has now closed the loop for recycling of PET packaging in New Zealand, and this material is available to our Australian customers as well!

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New Zealand recycled plastic food and beverage packaging make great business sense for all NZ food producers, horticulturalists and farmers. When compared with virgin PET, Flight’s RPET food packaging:

  • Is difficult to see a visible difference in the product.
  • Has no loss of function or performance.
  • Is processed using the same tooling & thermoforming equipment.
  • Is cost-neutral.
  • Meets all applicable food safety standards.

Using Flight RPET is an opportunity for our customers to:

  • Share in the public recognition of using recycled plastic.
  • Add a clear point of difference and top sustainability position compared to your competition.
  • Attract customers who are highly motivated to change their buying behaviour in regards to plastic.
  • Take a ‘first mover’ opportunity in your market and strengthen your position as an environmentally friendly and sustainable brand.

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Flight’s new state of the art RPET extrusion plant can take recycled PET flakes and re-process it for use in new PET packaging.



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