Industry Leaders in Sustainability | At Flight, we don’t like waste – in any form. Least of all in the products we produce and how we produce them.

Meeting Customer Demand for Sustainable Packaging | Customers increasingly demand eco-friendly packaging. Flight RPET helps you be an environmental leader and stand out from your competition without compromising food safety, quality or price.

Flight has built New Zealand’s only integrated RPET processing plant | This first state of the art RPET processing plant in New Zealand will take recycled PET and re-process it for use in new PET packaging.

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High Efficiency & Low Waste | Our commitment to sustainability is also in our everyday business operations. We recycle over 98% of all plastic waste in-house and any waste possible from purchased goods and supplies, like plastic wrap and cardboard containers. We purchase recycled cartons for product deliveries to clients and recycle a large numbers of shipping pallets.

We run high-efficiency, low-waste plants with:

  • state of the art production machinery, some of which even regenerate energy during machine braking.
  • high-tech plant services, like low-energy lighting, an energy recovery system and ultra-efficient compressed air systems, and our latest extrusion machinery saves 35% energy vs. prior technology.

Processes | Sustainability in our products and our own operations makes excellent economic and environmental sense. The world relies on plastic and it is our role to make it perform effortlessly for today’s people and our world. Improve your environmental footprint and contact us today.


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Flight’s new state of the art RPET extrusion plant can take recycled PET flakes and re-process it for use in new PET packaging.



Go Green for your Customers

Flight has now closed the loop for recycling of PET packaging in New Zealand. Make your customers proud to buy your products today.